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Mart Sander was born in 1967 in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn, where his family has lived for almost 500 years. He studied piano and conducting in his youth, but later became popular as a singer / actor, performing a great deal both in Estonia as well as in Scandinavia and the former USSR either with his orchestra "Modern Fox" or as the member of the Estonian National Opera. From the early 1990s he has turned his attention towards musical and comic opera, appearing in several productions not only as a singer but also as a director. He is a well known champion of British music, having for the first time introduced to the Estonian audiences such roles as Cox in Cox and Box, Judge in Trial by Jury, Smith in The Arcadians and Tony in The Quaker Girl. He has also appeared in many non-musical productions, acted in six films (including two he directed) and has, for the seventh season, his own highly popular weekly TV show.


Born on August 10, 1967. Formal education began in 1974, in Tallinn Central Music School (majoring in violin), followed by years in State Choreography School, Estonian Music Academy (conducting and piano), Tallinn Pedagological Institute (English and German) and Estonian Humanitarian Institute (mediaeval history). Acquired Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (level A) in 1995.


Height: 6 ft 5 Weight: 180 lb


Interesting Facts


First recording: spring 1986 - "Coffee and kisses"

First single: spring 1987 (in Moscow)

First LP: summer 1987 - "Modern Fox"

First CD: spring 1989 - "Modern Fox" (in Finland)

(NB! This was the first CD by Estonian musicians, where the first Estonian song to the lyrics of an Estonian poet was featured - Mr. Sander's own "When you leave me, give me just a smile.")

First radio programme: "NoRa" (1986-89)

First TV programme: "Kissed by the Muse" (1989-92) in Estonian State TV (not including series "Trip to the Land of Books", in which he took part 1974-75)

First book: "Mercator" (1994)

First film as an actor: "Prince of the Hit Parade" (Finland 1989, lead)

First TV production: "Tale of Yevdokia" (1991), in Estonian State TV

First film as director: "The Thief" (1992)

First production in theatre: "Beau Monde" in Theatre Bel-Etage (2000)

First solo part in GB (not including the performances with Bel-Etage): Spanish Officer in "The Contrabandista" by Sir Arthur Sullivan (2002)

First CD in the UK: "The Monckton Album"(2004, Divine Art Records)